Monthly Bulletin


13th, Sunday PM

Deacon Ordination for Phillip Church

20th, Sunday AM

Baptism service

23rd, Wednesday 12PM

Feeding MMM


4th, Sunday at 5PM

Thanksgiving & Christmas meal

Flory Family

Good morning BLBC, Please keep the Flory family in your prayers Frank went to be with the Lord yesterday.

There are no plans for a memorial service at this time.

Service Schedule Update

All services are returning to normal schedules starting Sunday, March 6th. Visit the website if you need to see the times.

We hope to see everyone next Sunday.

Service Schedule Update

Due to the spike in sicknesses around our community and in the congregation, all services are being canceled for now.

We plan to resume the normal service schedule on Sunday, February 13th, but keep an eye on either Facebook or the Website for updates in case something changes between now and then.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with this, and we hope and pray for good health to everyone in the meantime.